Version 2.2.0 uploaded

A new verison is available in Android Market. It adds support for scaled/indirect meters without using a virtual meter. The new function allows a physical meter to pre-multiply all meter readings before display, and thereby distinguish between the units measured by the meter and the units shown in the statistics. This could be used for example to have a gas meter, where all readings are taken in m³, show all consumption values in kWh.

This release also fixes a minor problem which could cause the meter list to show an old reading as the current meter reading, when old readings were edited.

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  1. Till Wollheim says:

    Hallo Christoph,

    seit dem letzten Update ist die Schrift so klein in der Verbrauchtsliste, daß man den periodischen Verbrauch nicht mehr ohne Lupe lesen kann.
    Zudem fehlt dem Programm ein Impressum!!!

    Servus, Till

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