Version 2.3.3 uploaded

A new version is available now. It contains a workaround for problems with databases where the system indicates a necessary upgrade, but in fact the database is already up to date. The new upgrade code is more tolerant and allows ECAS to start up instead of causing a fatal error. It is unknown when and why a database would reach such a state (in fact upgraded but still indicating an older version), but it happened at least one time, and it prevented ECAS from starting up again until the faulty database was removed.

Other changes in this version include a fix for a possible force close on slow devices, when a drawing operation (like scrolling) is still going on while the system wants to close the screen (due to app close or screen rotate). Not reproducible in simulation and most physical devices, but a small change was done based on the information from a crash report.

Since the new Android development tools from Google added some more performance related evaluations and warnings, a few changes were done to the drawing code based on these suggestions. They may lead to slightly better performance.

The wipe gesture to switch between meters was also adjusted slightly. It is now more sensitive and easier to use than in the previous version.

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  1. A.R.Ty says:

    Well Done – quick response and solving of the db-Problem.
    Great Job !
    Schnellste Hilfe und Support beim Problem mit der Datenbank.
    Spitze !

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