Version 2.3.9 uploaded

Small update for ECAS today: Finally the new french translation was integrated, and the help text which appears on an empty meter list page was updated to help people find the menu button. Since many modern devices no longer provide a dedicated menu button in hardware, the user needs to touch the action overflow (the three vertical dots) to access the menu. While this is quite common also in other apps, some people still can’t figure it out by themselves.

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3 Responses to Version 2.3.9 uploaded

  1. SteBra says:

    Fist of all: How can I find out what Version I have installed?
    Second: I can’t find the “first reading check box” – I got a new meter, but instead of starting with 0 or at least a number lower than before, it is something like 999987.23.
    Third: Is it correct that comments are not exported? How can I get these to have my Excel analyzes?

    • Christoph Zens says:

      To see the installed version of ECAS, go to the app manager of your phone and select the entry for ECAS. You will then see a page with information on the app, including the version number.

      The checkbox to manually mark a reading as the first reading of a meter is available on the page where a new reading is entered, but only for meters which are configured to (possibly) run in both directions. You can simply enable this option in the meter configuration to get manual control over the first reading and disable auto detection.

  2. SteBra says:

    Sorry to my last posting: Comments are exported – I looked in a wrong file.

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