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Table view is now available

A first version of the table view is now available. Check out version 2.0.0 of ECAS. On the statistics page, the view can be changed from bar graph to table. The table can be scrolled vertically to show any 12-month time frame. The buttons above the table can be used to jump backwards and forwards by 12 month each, the middle button aligns the table on January, so that one complete year is shown.

The center position of the table corresponds to the center position of the trend and bar graph. When the zoom setting on the graph is set to one year, the table view matches the time frame shown in graph mode.

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Table View

A new statistics page is under development. This page will show consumption data in a table, where total consumption is listed by week, month, or year. Relative change in consumption compared to a similar time frame in the past will also be calculated and displayed. Following a recent comment from a user, this table may also show expected total consumption up to a certain day (end of the month or year).

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